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13 Mar , 2018  

Mr. Hamp, an experienced sheepman, as a good case of loco poisoning.
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recognized, that though the chief pursuit of the old
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ligate the subclavian artery, in its third division, out-
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progress will be very gradual. Retrogression is not to be expected after
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followed by sponging with cool water, and could be repeated if
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participated in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia during
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cachexia and quinine. Indian M. Rec, Calcutta, 1899,
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-'lZih. Much encouraged by the situation of my patients, except
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dollars, and said fee shall be paid into the treasury of the
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culum is to be used, display judgment and moderation. All ques-
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sponding amount. In the case of the insertion of a foreign body the
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In cases of amoebic liver abscess with perforation into the lung the
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tory processes of bone. The chronic stage can, however, be easily dif-
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prescribed could be fairly assumed ; and this statement is
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of time during which the patient manifested the disease before death is
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on it to deviate to the left of it where it is overlapped by the left
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that the fr-eshly-expressed juices of taraxacum, cheUdonium, etc., have
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groups of cases; namely, those which show at birth, or in the first
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tion, on December 13, 1899, Dr. W. P. Northrup, professor
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of the very brilliant results of operative work seen there.
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ing that it was completely eliminated from this pa-
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Slight paresis of lower face, especially on right side. Lies on her
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the tenants of the establishment, for their amusement. — At Rome, I
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228 Dr. Harrison on Tubercles in the Air-cells of a Bird.
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in the cornea, conjunctiva and sub-conjunctival tissues.
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plague propagated upon broth peptone media, by means of the pseudo-
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— London Journ. Med., Dec. 1850, from Comptes-Reivlus de la Soc. M6d. des Hopi-
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results are to be ascribed to improper methods of analyvsis. Nothing- can
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that injuries, intermittent fever, syphilis and other weakening
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out, from a study of younger tumors, the degeneration of the mucosa is
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ologist reports that the base of the ulcer is carcinom-
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even those that seem fixed and timeless, do change, not
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ease was serious and often fatal, and the chief cause of
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left his class and took his place in the first class. There was a
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one case occurring in a patient under 25. That was in a
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Any deficiency in the food supply, or what amounts to the same
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whence he was brought). However, in the opinion of Dr.
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in about 15 minutes after the injection is begun ; that large amounts
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ordinary species of water bacteria, it was possible that
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