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13 Mar , 2018  

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to begin with small doses. The therapeutical applications of*
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Assistant Attending Psychiatrist, New York Hospital.
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In estimating symptoms of diseased action, these peculiarities of race
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both patient and physician, a comparative study of NPT
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The chief feature of importance in relation to this disease as affecting the
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observance, and to make the popular conception of temper-
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attempts the perusal of this new contribution to anthropol-
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perature and pulse being lowered with a return of consciousness.
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which is open to further confirmation, although already based upon
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to the symphysis ; this extends to the linea alba. The
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formation of cuprein, which is the alkaloid obtained from the bark of
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three days in two cases, in five days in one case, in six days in one case,
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require hospital treatment. The following winter he
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have been only simple abscesses or the indication of some