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Alf Cromsjö

skype: alf.cromsjo



I am a senior IT consultant and with more than 14 years of experience. I have worked as a software developer and system designer for many clients including a seven years partnership with Hyundai Sweden. I am skilled in multiple programming languages with experience in developing both web and desktop applications. My specialty is my ability to quickly learn and understand complex systems and to design working solutions in an efficient way.

I am also a skilled art designer, writer, editor and public speaker with a broad knowledge in many fields including video editing, image manipulation and digital printing, working six years as editor-in-chief for the popular online magazine Vaken.


I want to help designing innovative IT systems for an interesting and sustainable company. My intention is to work on short term projects from my own office as a IT-consultant.


Computer Engineering (228 points/3 years)
Mid Sweden University

Employment History

Self employed IT consultant
Cromsjö Consultant

Working as a software designer, programmer and web designer for customers like Hyundai Motors, DaimlerChrysler and Profoto.

Web Magazine Vaken Sweden

Overseeing, coordinating and delegating responsibility for all activities. Active in all parts of the production including writing articles, managing digital printing, web design, system design and public speaking.

Empathic Communication HB

Developing educational material in communication and coaching. I worked as production manager, involved in all aspects of the company. I designed the e-learning system, was writing course material and was recording and editing video.

Professional Skillss

Expert System Designer
Inventions, Optimization, System Design, Database Design, Project Manager.

Software Developer
PHP, C++, C#, Java, BBx, BBj, MySQl, ODBC, Angular.js, Ajax, Node.js.

Web Designer
HTML, CSS, CMS, SEO, Mobile, Open Source, CMS, WordPress.

Multimedia Producer
Image Editing, Digital Print, Video Editing, Animation, Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Final Cut.


Risto Paloneva
R&P Consultant Sweden (R&P Datakonsulter AB)

Mr Paloneva was the president of R&P Datakunsulter, a Swedish software developer of car import and leasing software packages. R&P has been my main client and mentor working with big customers like Hyundai and DaimlerChrysler. He is now a senior software developer for Annata. (http://www.annata.co.uk/)

Lasse Norström
Hyundai Motors Sweden

Mr Norström is the head of the Hyundai Sweden Car Import IT department. He was my main contact in Hyundai and worked close together with me and R&P Datakonsulter.